Loft interior design

Loft is a name for a contemporary metropolitan style in interior design, which is identified by an abundance of open space and commercial aspects in design (extremely high ceilings, raw brick walls, exposed light beams and pipelines, cement floor, etc).

loft interior design
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Loft style

Nowadays this design is a significant pattern that became incredibly popular both in the United States, where it comes from, and in Europe. Loft space residences are mostly selected by creative, freedom-loving people that value practicality, imagination, and minimalism. Although this kind of decoration by all canons must not suggest a high budget plan, it is taken into consideration to be among one of the most costly designs in layout.

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The origins of loft stemmed from Manhattan factory districts of the 40s. Together with the quick boost in land prices in downtown, commercial enterprises were compelled to relocate manufacturing to the suburban areas. Empty buildings were cost pennies, and also representatives of New York bohemia right away made the most of it.

loft interior design ideas

In such facilities, young artists as well as musicians held exhibitions, produced their work of arts, and also calmed down in huge open spaces with their imaginative strategy. Currently, by the 50th years, these loft apartments have actually become very popular and also have actually increased dramatically in cost because of the practical and also prime location, spaciousness as well as unique urban appeal. Thus, the deserted manufacturing facility and also warehouse locations became deluxe loft-style residences.

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Complying With the USA, the globe dilemma stunned most European cities. Industrial buildings released the central streets. Empty premises started to be reconstructed right into residential houses, assisted by the new posh trend.

Loft decor design: basic attributes

A blue modern sofa contrasts highly with the red brickwork. A deep heap area rug makes the area plush and also cosy.


The word ‘loft space’ actually suggests attic room, mansard, the top floor of a stockroom, or manufacturing facility building. And without a doubt, loft interiors initially resembles a workshop or factory. But if you look carefully, you can discover special unique functions of such a house as well as appreciate the strong preference of its owners.

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Industrial loft space is always about huge open space. Normally, it amounts to not less than one hundred square meters as well as is perfectly filled with all-natural sunshine, making its means with wide as well as high windows. It’s major and also distinctive features are high ceilings and also the lack of any kind of dividings.

industrial lofts

When you remain in a loft-style house space interior, you can easily see the contrary edge of the room. In such an industrial space, just a washroom, a bedroom as well as laundry room are separated with dividings or walls from the main space. The bathroom is constantly hidden, while the bathtub can be situated directly in the sleeping area.

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A unified mix of different building services is the standard idea of this design. Loft design room, elements of the past (raw brick walls, aged structures, steel ladders as well as ventilation systems that are seen) quite normally look alongside contemporary devices, practical lighting systems, chrome information, and also mirrors.

Main features of the loft space style:

Free and also open format. Very little use of inner wall surfaces and also partitions is the main adage of the style.

High ceilings. An industrial loft is acknowledged, first of all, thanks to its high unattainable ceilings in tandem with wooden or metal beams, subjected air flow buildings, or interaction pipes.

Harsh wall finishing. A wealth of concrete, informal plastering as well as brickwork– an indispensable element that stresses the original commercial premise.

Light tones. Despite some rudeness and neglect, modern-day loft decor does not suggest too dark shades that soak up the all-natural light of the information. To make certain maximum infiltration of the sunlight into the area, curtains are normally not made use of.

Fireplaces and also ovens. Typically they offered to heat up the manufacturing facility premises. With time, these loft-style elements have become its absolute highlight and are strongly associated with this kind of inside.

Stairways. The ceiling height and the breadth of the room normally make it possible to outfit the 2nd mezzanine degree. For example, for a room or a work area. The most prominent products for stairs are timber and also steel.

Practical furnishings. For this design, it is appropriate to integrate modern, developer furnishings with information “from the last century”. The tones are picked mostly neutral, with just a tiny interspersion of bright accents.

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Normal loft-style interior is a large open space with brick walls, concrete or natural floor, very little quantity of furniture, intense accessories as well as modern-day innovation. According to the modern-day method, there are a number of variations of loft space design:


Bohemian. The attributes of the traditional manufacturing facility premises are fully maintained. However, furnishings as well as accessories are picked with creative thinking. Right here new design solutions are combined with old, worn-out as if unintentionally discovered in the dump, interior products. When creating a bohemian loft space, art pieces in style come forward. In such a spirited and also complimentary environment, objects of art can be different as well as not necessarily need to match each other. Primarily these are avant-garde paints, sculptures, ikebanas, and music instruments.

loft interior design

Extravagant. The so-called beauty loft space stands out with a color palette. Admirers of this loft kind choose a non-conventional combination of tones of spooky colors. For example, it can be a gray-brown or gray-lilac plan. Particular interest is paid to the decoration– lights, light fixtures, LED illumination, floor lights. Mirrors in the Baroque style, big plants in concrete pots as well as skins on the flooring are usually added.

Industrial. This is one of the most popular loft-type in interior decoration. If you wish to produce it in a residential structure, like a home or a country house, it is worth developing the ambiance of a production building or a factory workshop. To do this, make use of steel structures, ventilation pipelines, wood trusses, cords. The furnishings is maximally practical, with easy geometric forms.

industrial loft

Loft is perfect for enthusiasts of free space, airiness, and all-natural light in your home. Obviously, not every person can have a definitely open layout of the home. However, it’s possible to include the standard components of this style to practically any type of room.


Distinct components of loft space interior

To produce an inside in this distinct style, a large space without dividers (or with their minimum usage), with significant home windows and also normal loft space concrete or brick walls will be excellent. All space must be improved a combination of contemporary and also old (intentionally aged) materials, textures, and also surfaces. By smartly integrating the distinctive elements of the style, also in a small apartment with reduced ceilings, you can add a little metropolitan beauty.

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Walls. Open up strategy eliminates the presence of enormous interior walls. They can be utilized only for the isolation of washrooms, laundry room, or rooms. For zoning, you can use interior dividers instead, such as glass blocks, look-through racks, folding displays. Likewise, furnishings (cooking area counter) or different kinds of floor covering can assist create different zones.

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As for the wall surface paint in loft space style, it should match the original industrial design. For example, all-sustaining walls are brick or concrete, without plaster. They can also be approximately plastered or delicately coated with white or grey water-based paint.

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In a typical small apartment, the wall surfaces are laid with ornamental brickwork or a wooden board. Layer in such an inside is frowned on. In rare cases, the exception is a wallpaper mimicking a block or an old stone wall.

Floor covering in loft space style. Concrete is a traditional floor covering for the manufacturing workshop. The drawback is that by its nature it is fairly cold as well as not functional. In this situation, it can be replaced by:

  • Mosaic concrete;
  • A wooden floor (or a laminate copying it);.
  • Parquet;.
  • Ceramic tiles (in the kitchen area and also shower rooms);.
  • Artificial stone or marble.

Thanks to using various materials for floor covering, the kitchen or room location can be separated from the total living space. Rugs and also rugs can also work for zoning.

industrial loft interior design

Ceiling. Providing high ceilings, the classical commercial elements should be made use of: wooden ending up, a beam of lights or trusses, ventilation pipes. If you want to incarnate loft space spirit into a studio apartment with reduced ceilings, it will certainly be enough to plaster them as well as repaint them in white.

loft apartments design
loft interior design ideas

Windows. In order to fill a room with an excellent amount of brilliant sunshine, the windows ought to be as large as feasible. An excellent combination for an American loft– a window to the floor with an intense metropolitan landscape.

loft designs

Window structures– mostly wood or covered with paint mimicking a tree. In no situation should home windows be overwhelmed with drapes or silk. In such laconic inside, white roller blinds made from cotton will look excellent. The best option– vertical or straight blinds.

loft style house

Zoning. The basis for producing a loft is the principle of free zoning. Liberty, light, and spaciousness are the major values of design, which are very vital to protect when planning a house and also organizing furniture.

loft homes

For marking practical zones, dividers from glass blocks, double-sided shelves, flooring, or different wall surface shades can be used. Furnishings is also a vital component in creating the illusion of zoning. For instance, a sofa will help to divide the dining location from the living-room.

loft interior design

To dump a home from excess things, special focus needs to be paid to the laundry room (pantry, clothes closet, laundry, etc.), which are isolated by the walls.

loft style house

Loft decorating ideas and also devices in loft style house. Marketing posters, graffiti, photographs, paintings, indications, attractive cushions, sculptures, original porcelain figurines, and flower holders– any type of decor elements to your taste will help to stress the individuality and creativity of the interior. The visibility of numerous layout things will make the space as full and alive as possible.

Loft illumination.

Loft space is defined by the use of diverse lighting elements. With the help of a multitude of lamps, you can not only perfectly light up the space in the dark, however likewise zonify it, emphasizing each house separately. For a big area, the next sort of illumination is utilized.

Loft style kitchen


Chandeliers. A huge ceiling chandelier is quite an unusual element for a metropolitan inside. Yet still, even in the space with rough plaster, trendy concrete, and untreated brickwork, a light fixture with a steel frame and a glass lampshade will certainly be fairly ideal. This information stresses the charm of the design as well as will end up being the central accent of the living room or eating location.

loft interior design ideas

Pendant lights. This sort of lighting is preferred not just because of its individuality however additionally functionality. Due to freely hanging wires they are typically used in combination with chains. Such lights can quickly be lowered and also raised to the wanted elevation, developing a sort of garland.

Pendant lights in loft style

Floor lamps. This kind will certainly develop a genuine atmosphere of convenience also in such a ruthless style as a loft. Enormous tools with large lamp shades as well as messy shape (workshop light, train searchlight) rate.

Floor lamp in loft style


LED lights. By doing this of lights will be particularly useful in a studio apartment. Such a “magic” light will aesthetically make space less complicated and also include quantity to it.

industrial lofts

In such a spacious inside, the major light may not suffice when working at the desk. In this case, it deserves to decide in favor of the original table lamp on a versatile leg.

Loft style furnishings.

Loft is a style with marginal use of furnishings. Relying on the loft space kind (bohemian, beauty, industrial), it can be ultra-modern or antique. In such a below-ground environment, the compound of the old and also the brand-new period will look unified. So a trendy natural leather couch in the living-room can come to be a main point of room on a par with a lavish table and chairs with pricey upholstery in the dining area.

loft style house

The primary requirements for the furnishings in this style are performance and also minimalism. As an example, small items (chairs, poufs, elbow chairs, tables, wall mounts) can be on wheels for unobstructed activity around the area. Making use of such items, you can conveniently liberate extra space at any moment. As for materials, generally, the choice is provided to leather, stucco, high-quality timber, steel, and lightweight aluminum with chromium inlays.

industrial loft interior design

It is necessary not to find tools and also furniture near the walls. This will lead to the empty residence feel, where the residential areas are the lonesome islands. A tall cabinet interferes with the visual unity of the loft space style so it can be replaced with wall mounts. Or it could be better not to have any type of cupboard but shop all stuff in the laundry room, particular niches or cabinets under the stairs.

loft style house

For the bedroom choose a reduced loft-style bed in light shades. As an example, a bed-platform with textile upholstery. An initial metal bed or of raw timber can also be utilized to stress the industrial style line.

Cooking area furniture in loft apartment design incorporates different textures and materials. Harsh wooden shelves are sympathetically incorporated with a glass apron and also a shiny facade. Quite often the cooking area is gotten in touch with the living-room, in this situation an island, bar counter, or couch help separating the locations.

lofts decor

House or condo with loft room style insides

A dwelling that is transformed from a workshop area is instead easy in addition to plain. Normally, it does not need to be completely re-planned. Yet to create a little studio or one-bedroom apartment or condo or apartment in loft area layout is instead difficult. First of all, special emphasis ought to be paid to re-planning: partly or totally knock down non-supporting wall surfaces.

industrial lofts

You can integrate several residences (for instance, a kitchen area with a living-room) by drastically boosting doorways. Wide home windows to the floor will enable far more sunlight into the area. Hence, it will certainly show up bigger and likewise much more huge.

loft interior design

Selecting winding up products, it is required to comply with simpleness as well as laconism. In a loft area living area, laminate flooring covering that copies timber totally fits. To divide this area from the kitchen area, use a large ceramic tile. Some wall surface areas need to be left unblemished, others– delicately repainted in white or with brick ceramic tile. There is no demand to conceal ventilation system, interaction pipes, and cables– they create the appearances of this ruthless loft area.


Kitchen location inside in loft space style

Usually, a loft-style cooking location is quite little in size. As a rule, it hinges on among the edges of the living room The inside of the cooking area incorporates a large quantity of glass and chrome.

The primary location below originates from modern-day gadgets: fridge, recipe washing machine, stove, coffee maker. Details interest must be paid to a combined combination of doors as well as furniture exteriors.

loft interior design

For a dining-room, it is better to pick modern minimalistic furniture. Low antique buffet or wooden sculpted chairs might function as a dazzling feature of the interior.

loft interior design


Loft area style living space.

The major accents in a living-room inside allow residence windows, a wood floor, harsh wall surface areas, and also a large elegant couch constructed from excellent natural leather or thick fabrics. The space along with a sofa is filled with chairs, footrests as well as a coffee table. The main policy for furnishings positioning: to stay free from any kind of gathering. Publications as well as decors can be positioned in open shelves or particular niches in the wall surfaces.

loft apartments design

Loft area room

The bedroom is one of the most exclusive locations of the loft ambiance. It dominates to divide it from the main area with nontransparent divider panels or light walls. If the elevation of a ceiling allows, the room area can be arranged at the mezzanine degree.

Peaceful monochrome paint shades can make the area feel additional comfy. At the same time one of the wall surfaces can be left unblemished (concrete or block). A fire area will certainly aid to soften the disrespect of the city design. An impressive window or a closet with a massive mirror or glossy doors can aesthetically broaden a tiny bedroom.

Loft style bedroom

If preferred, the bed area may be decorated with blossoms and additionally eye-catching cushions. It is essential to make certain that these elements do not say with the standard loft space layout. If the toilet is adjacent to the bed space, they can be separated by a glass separating or just zoned just with a flooring covering.

loft style house

Loft space design bathroom

It’s ok to enhance a loft-style toilet in completely various ways: from the skilled eclecticism to the ultra-modern contemporary style Therefore, this should be based upon the choice of pipelines tools.

Despite if it is a vintage tub with legs or a multi-functional modern-day shower, both options will certainly be certainly all-natural in this interior. Light glass racks as well as a programmer container of initial form could be a terrific addition to the space.

loft interior design ideas

Children’s space in loft design.

Children’s space is a unique location in any type of house as a result of the fact that below you can reveal among one of the most of your dream. Certainly, every moms and dad wants his youngster to be easy as well as likewise security. Thinking about that the loft space is instead harsh, loft space room for a child or young adult have to be watered down with intense contrasting tones.

The major accent can be made with a remarkable carpet, chair-bags or a glass elbow chair hanging from the ceiling. At the same time, the resting and also operating areas ought to be as neutral as practical. They can be split by a screen or arrange on two levels.

loft designs

Loft area accessibility

The corridor ought to be supplied unique emphasis as it is the first thing visitors see after entering the residence The inside of the gain access to or corridor requires making use of light shades as well as dazzling lights. Wardrobe or concealed certain niches for garments can be utilized for convenience.

houses with loft

Loft space style estate.

Designing a loft room design lodge is much easier than a small apartment. A huge open space is perfect for recreating the environment of a manufacturing center workshop

loft interior design ideas

Loft workshop.

Tiny loft space workshops are prominent nowadays. Using the particular elements of this style, that we mentioned above, you can efficiently develop additionally a little inside.

Bailey Li’s of Bailey Li Interiors’ old firehouse became loft room will definitely recognize your rate of interest.


Every location in the loft space boggles the mind, as well as it features a backdrop of raw block that you will, without a doubt, love. The information on the art of the loft space inside will certainly leave you in awe. The loft details are an item of indoor decor to envy along with function as a bird’s-eye sight to clear off your mind.

loft apartment designs

From Bailey Li’s loft space inside, it’s clear that any type of kind of thing you include right into your house loft decorating ideas that do not reverberate with you is a negative monetary investment. The interior decorations you opt for have to not just include a passion your room yet similarly supply you satisfaction. A stunning and also ever-evolving interior decoration is all you need.

loft designs

Bailey Li is a reputed interior design, as well as her task, is impressive. With her experience, provides residence proprietors a special layout style that is self-indulgent on her choice. Customers’ viewpoints, preferences, in addition to tastes influence Bailey Li.

loft style house

As a programmer, she takes it private to find what their customers desire. Bailey Li goes on to depict it on the aesthetic of her loft space. A seasoned interior designer along with an innovative musician must quickly observe subtle details in a design and mix them to provide exceptional results.

loft interior design

Bailey Li Interiors ensures authenticity and also will include distinct antique as well as classic decorations to any kind of location supplied. Pictures also consist of elegance to houses, as well as you can use them to disclose your creative eye.



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