Universal kitchen design

Find out the universal design criteria for a kitchen.

One of the hottest fads now in home remodeling is a concept called universal design. As more property owners, particularly child boomers, are selecting to continue to be in their houses as they age, developers and home builders are starting to include layout elements that can contribute to the lifestyle regardless of the house owner’s age or ability.

Universal layout is the style of items and also atmospheres that are functional by as many individuals as feasible, without the requirement for adaptation or specialized style. The intent is to streamline life for everyone in the home, from the youngest member of the family to the oldest, including those with disabilities.

At its best, universal design is not only practical for everyone in the family; it is visually pleasing as well. When correctly implemented, universal layout elements need to be seamlessly integrated right into the total layout visual while offering full functionality for relative regardless of age or capacity.

universal kitchen design

Let’s discover some of the design qualities, as well as components of a kitchen area, remodel that utilizes universal-style ideas as well as strategies.

Factors to Consider When Planning A Kitchen Using Universal Design Principals

When intending a global style kitchen, every aspect of the area requires to be taken into consideration from the cupboard height to the accessibility of home appliances, to the area between cabinets as well as wall surfaces or islands. The principles of universal style call for the space to be practical and available for everyone in the home. That can consist of older property owners with movement or view issues, in addition to younger members of the family.

Preferably, an open layout or at the very least a room with the least quantity of entrances and gain access to concerns is ideal. 4 or 5 feet of the area between obstacles is suitable for an open kitchen area layout. For instance, a five-foot void between the kitchen cabinets as well as the island supplies lots of space for mobility devices and walkers.

Another factor to consider is to install kitchen storage space as well as home appliances at a degree that is very easy for all family members to accessibility. As an example, raising the dishwashing machine can make it usable for those in wheelchairs or relatives with arthritis that might have trouble bending. When it pertains to refrigerators, the French door or side by side models might supply less complicated ease of access than those with leading or lower fridges freezer.

A kitchen counter level microwave may be extra available than an under-counter model. Various other appliances ought to be maintained where they will be utilized as well as including an appliance garage can maintain tiny appliances hidden, yet readily available to all.

These are just a couple of considerations when intending your kitchen area design to integrate global design principles.


the kitchen universal

Cooking Area Design Modifications

Design as well as flow ought to additionally be taken into consideration when planning an universal design kitchen room. To advertise functionality for all occupants, it’s vital to consider every element of your layout, this consists of:


If your cooking area has a door, see to it that it is at the very least 36-inches vast to use clear, safe access for any individual using a pedestrian or wheelchair. Consider utilizing dual doors in your design. A much better remedy is to do away with the door totally. This eliminates the demand to need to run door equipment while lugging armloads of grocery stores.


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When planning your design make certain to enable adequate area between counters. The optimum room in between two counters is 42 to 48 inches. This permits multiple chefs in the kitchen as well as likewise allows any person in a wheelchair or walker function without obstruction. In a U-shaped design prepare for a minimum of 60 inches clearance between counters. This gives users in a wheelchair a sufficient transforming distance. This minimum is likewise perfect for anyone seated on an island or peninsula.

Elevated toe kicks, or open cabinets for instance at sinks or cooktops additionally permit users in a mobility device hassle-free access. Toe kicks must be a minimum of 9 inches. One more choice is to have wall installed base closets to eliminate toe kicks. This likewise permits tailored counter elevation.


If somebody in the home is in a wheelchair, adding workstations that have a clear room listed below them allows very easy reach to fixtures. Keep knee room to a minimum of 30 inches broad. Guarantee that any revealed plumbing is protected, covered, or behind door panels to avoid burns from warm water pipes. Retracting doors are a good option for shutting off areas when not being used.

Products For A Universal Design Kitchen Area

Manufacturers are likewise designing products making use of global layout principles. Height adjustable countertops are offered that use hand cranks or switches to immediately increase or reduced counters to adapt to individuals of different elevations as well as capability. These systems allow you to develop an ergonomically proper workplace for everyone to work securely, with each other or separately.

Storage solutions like pull-out racks, careless Susan inserts, and pull out garbage and reusing bins can make operating in the kitchen area and clean-up simpler too.

Additionally, don’t forget about lighting! Brilliant illumination and larger easily seen closet and drawer pulls can be a godsend for those with sight concerns. Make sure to consist of specific job lighting to make countertop sides less complicated to see as well.

With a little preparation, you can develop a properly designed kitchen area room that is not only featured as well as obtainable for everybody in the home. Universal layout principals are not only functional but in the hands of a skilled interior developer, they can be aesthetically stunning as well. From softer extra forgiving floor covering to flexible height kitchen counters, basic changes can keep everyone in the family pleased, productive, and also secure.


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Providing a Personal Touch to Your Cabinets

If you have taken a look at kitchen cabinets for any kind of amount of time, you’re significantly knowledgeable about the myriad of options that are readily available. From timber species to paint, stain, and polish surfaces, your options can seem unlimited. Lest you think your decisions are confined only to the cabinet’s outside, right here are simply a couple of instances of what can be done inside your closets.

Tilt-Out Sink Trays take the cabinet front and also change it into storage space that is not only convenient however likewise out of sight. Small items such as precious jewelry are kept safe in these trays while items such as soap as well as searching pads remain close by for usage and hidden when not needed.

Universal design kitchen cabinets and drawers

Large hardware on doors and drawers that are easier to order, OR magnetic touch, and launch cabinet doors.
Adjustable height racks and pull-down shelve.
Open up storage space or glass doors, making things much easier to locate.
A lot more base closets with cabinets instead of doors.


universal design kitchen cabinets
Univer Kitchen design

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